An Unlikely Match

Seeking a partner for a lifetime of love and support is a major goal, but it does not always work out as people imagine. The majority of them see the future with a person who thinks like they do, and they believe the other person will have many of the same viewpoints. They might look at how they view the world, and their knowledge of some issues might be too vague for a real opinion. Their thought is that their future significant other will help them clarify their worldview, or they might be able to help them realize what they really think about the important topics of life.

Completely opposed

Meeting many people in life is no guarantee that finding the perfect partner will be easy, and there are times when a person will find they do not like someone due to their outlook on life. When that person expresses their views, the single seeker will be completely opposed to it. It might appear there will never be an opportunity for the two of them to be together, but it could be that their differences will draw them closer. They might begin to see over time that what they thought of as huge gulfs between their opinions are merely different ways of examining the entire world.

Too stubborn to change

Some people believe that only their thoughts on how the world should work are the right ones, and they have an expectation that others will come to see it their way. That is the only possibility they can foresee, and meeting someone from the opposite side of an issue leads them to the conclusion that the other person is simply too stubborn to change. A lack of intelligence might be assigned to them, or the seeker could simply think they are perversely sticking to their original belief due to an inability to admit the truth.

Finding a compromise

While two people in a relationship are often open to creating paths to cooperate with their partner, finding a compromise with someone without a strong relationship can be difficult. There is little incentive for either party to choose to give in, but those who seek peace with others are often willing to at least try. Their ability to listen to the other person and ask rational questions might be the beginning of a new relationship, and it could lead to a long term commitment.

The attraction between two people can seldom be explained easily, but those times when complete opposites have attracted each other are even more difficult to discuss. They might have started out in opposing corners, but the pair will eventually find a way to be comfortable with their different views on life. One of them could be willing to compromise, but they can still hold on to their own beliefs. If their partner will at least respect them when it comes to the differences, they could find their emotional ties growing stronger. A lifetime of love can make even the most obstinate of people believe that working together can change the world.